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TDC 2011 Outdoor Campaign Handy Links:
TDC & Titusville/Palm Bay/Cocoa Beach Support
Cocoa Beach Hotel Association

Cocoa Beach Surf Company
Other & Misc.
Classy Little Icons that Cast Shadows...there for the Taking
HDTV Video

Digital Hotel Getaways


Current Events Possible Printed Billboards

Hotel Getaways option. Text leaps off the billboard with that black background and a good reason to have it.

Could lose the "Titusville". It's pretty busy.


Digital Billboards

Cocoa Beach Air Show


Art of Sand


Melbourne Fall Festival


Fireball Run
Something different...

Delta Launch


Treetop Trek New Logo


NKF Surf Contest

NKF Labor Day Surf Contest

Here's how it looks at night...


Zoo Treetop Trek


Rocket Launch


Zoo Treetop Trek
Brevard Zoo


Rush Rocket Launch...(Delayed and good reason to get a room, you know.)
Rocket Launch Info


Hot Rod Power Tour...Use this one.
Hot Rod Power Tour

OLD, DO NOT USE...Hot Rod Power Tour...DO NOT USE
Hot Rod


Superboat Race
Superboat Race


Generic Shuttle Info
Flash Animation showing the effect as the faces flip, (it waits longer before filpping, but you probably don't want to wait...

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The Actual Frames...


Parade of Astronauts
Parade of Astronauts

Shuttle Launch

Indian River Festival


Sunshine State Eggfest


Wine and Food Festival


Space Shuttle Blastoff

Layout by Quantum Ad, Simpler is better. Not a magazine or a website, if you can't read the text at a distance, it's money down a rat hole.
(Plus maybe, just maybe, at that size, they'll notice there's a dash in "".)


Warbird Airshow

Layout by Quantum Ad, Warhawk by a far better man than I am, and supplied by VAC


Salsa Festival

Art supplied by those spicy Salsa folks


Runaway Country:

Art you can actually read (you can't smell it or hear it, and there's a big fine for jumping the fence and touching it, so I wouldn't recommend it.)
Dylan Coonrad for the Runaway Country folks


1964 Beatles:

Cool glowing image, perfect for digitals, by 1964, kind guidence by
Quantum Ad, who can remember the Beatles in 1964 added snappy text in limited space, (right).


Photos of the best billboard on the Beachline, maybe the best in Orlando
(Taken by shaking hand and cell phone as Heroic Austin dodges NICE Beachline traffic.)




Things that glow like that really really pop on a digital, and on your screen, because they glow too.


Printed Billboards

Hot Rod Power Tour
Hot Rod

Runaway Country

High level professional outdoor art for Runaway Country by Dylan Coonrad. You want a billboard that you can read, that actually works, this guy knows how.

Warbird Airshow Filename:

Like a comic book cover, "Merlin Engine screaming 50 feet above the heads of the battered Marines of Easy Company, Streak Jackson turns his P-51 to meet the descending MIGS at Pusan..." Wrong plane but what the heck, I didn't paint it...I wish.


Melbourne Art Festival Filename: TDC-CMI_BBs_MAF_14x48.eps

Melbourne Art Festival Filename: TDC-CMI_BBs_MAF_12x42.eps

Melbourne Art Festival Filename: TDC-CMI_BBs_MAF_10x40.eps

Melbourne Art Festival Filename: TDC-CMI_BBs_MAF_10x30.eps

My goodness is that nice, (although I think I'm gonna keep an eye on that guy on the right.) I think we have a winner for the festival.
Stunning billboard by last but far from least, the nice folks at...
brandt ronat + co
Check this page out...Kinda takes the breath away to see them all at once. It should be a fabric pattern, I'd sure proudly wear a shirt with that on it.


Happy to reveal the secret identitiy of agencies/artists, and events above, and would love to link to you...
(...and will post your rebuttals to any snide comments (or whatever motivation for a comment such as seen above) if you watch your language.)


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