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  TDC 2011 Outdoor Campaign Handy Links:
TDC & Titusville/Palm Bay/Cocoa Beach Support
Cocoa Beach Hotel Association

Cocoa Beach Surf Company
Other & Misc.
Classy Little Icons that Cast Shadows...there for the Taking
Artwork Guidelines Overview, (kinda obsolete now, soon to vanish a bad dream...)
HDTV Video

TDC 2011 Outdoor Guidelines

In general, you (or Quantum) will need to design four shapes for each design, 14x48(10'6x36), 10x40, 12x42 and 10x30. In a few cases, another shape will be needed. With the boards pre-emptible, it may need to move to a different shaped board and need to be reprinted (no cost if so.) If the boards included topouts, a 10x40 and 14x48 design will be needed too for special boards like trivisions, etc.

All designs much include the TDC billboard logo as shown below. Typeface for text must be Myriad Bold, perhaps the most common font on the most common illustration program (Illustrator), primarily white, perhaps some yellow, with the same black outline.

Topouts are permitted, but need to be less than 3' in general. Area is calculated by rectangles for little areas and rectangles, triangles and circles for larger areas. If you are designing it yourself, and you don't want to take the billboard company's word for it, you need to calculate it yourself.

The design must include where we are, worthless otherwise. (Surprising how often people forget that.) If the county or city name isn't prominent, the Space Coast Logo must be.


An Example from last year. The below image was submitted and rejected by the billboard company for not conforming...

Due to time pressure and the need to keep several parties happy and get it done instantly facing a hard deadline, Quantum made the below which was approved...

2010 KSC Boards

This year, topouts are permitted and it might be something like this for the photo...

As mentioned above, if the county or city name is prominent, the Space Coast logo can be smaller, otherwise it must be larger to let the people know where we are. (Hello?) An example of a city name with a smaller TDC logo is...

An example of a larger TDC logo would be...

And examples of 2011 TDC specific boards giving the general motif we're trying to match...

Any technical questions, including TDC logo, FTP info, etc., email rick

And special exemptions to the rules, contact the TDC, rick is heartless...


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