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TDC 2011 Outdoor Campaign Handy Links:
TDC & Titusville/Palm Bay/Cocoa Beach Support
Cocoa Beach Hotel Association

Cocoa Beach Surf Company
Other & Misc.
Classy Little Icons that Cast Shadows...there for the Taking
HDTV Video

(Only a friend would tell you this...) The Golden Rule of Outdoor Advertising is how far away you can read the design in 2-3 seconds. If it fails that test, it fails period. The typical test is to print the design on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper and walk to the other side of a big room and look at it for 2 seconds. If you can't read it and get the message in the two seconds, it's throwing money down a rat hole. It's not a magazine or website where you have the option of taking a good look if it interests you. There are always lots of things that one wants to say, but you can't say it all on a billboard. You have to fight to eliminate every word you can. A picture is worth 1000 words.

Old Designs & New Mile Marker Snipes:

12x42,, Board #3221




10x40,, Board # 4851




12x42,, Board #'s 1134 and 3224




12x42,, Board #'s 418 and 572




12x40,, Board # 5739




14x48, 2011-TitusvillePartnerBeachI-95, Board #'s 5707 and 1186


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