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2008 I-95 Billboards Daytona, St. Augustine Area
This is both CBSC billboards and Hotel Assn/TDC billboards.

CBSC Billboards
Cocoa Beach Surf Company I-95 Billboards

Hotel Association/TDC Billboards
Cocoa Beach Hotel Association North I-95 Billboards

2008 I-95 Billboards Near Exit
The problem is that the exit never mentions Cocoa Beach, and just sneaks up on you, with nothing there to lure you off. The goal is to let them know what exit, perhaps showing what the sign looks like, and how far away it is. Keeping in mind, the Golden Rule of Outdoor, how far away can you read them, and you only have 3 seconds so keep it dog simple. Plus, there is no "Cocoa Beach on any sign.

To see a discussion of adding white rocks to the exit, which gives a pretty good idea of what we are up against, Click Here.

For an Adobe Acrobat PDF file, with photos and mileage to all billboards and road signs for 24 miles, Click Here.

For an animation, that includes a map, photos, but old billboard designs, Click Here.


Here's a Flash Version, (doesn't take long after the hard work below.) First the original, than the red text new Expressway message version, then a longer look at the current version with yellow text again and, curly arrow, etc.

Here's the current version closeup:

Cocoa Beach Billboards

Actual Sign...

And a closeup of the sign. It's a constant problem with billboards to cover them with a photograph. You can do it, but the photo gets blurry as it stretches to cover the board. The other kind of graphics (vector based) does the reverse, it gets clearer as it gets bigger. So, to have the billboards be as clear as any on earth, to stand out, we use ultra high resolution photos, and don't make them blurry by stretching them out. The rest of the billboard is infinitely clear in theory, at the absolute limit of the printer in practice. For instance,

Closeup of Cocoa Beach Hotels Sign

The closeup also show the very suble shading used, not noticed by the viewer, but it makes the text far easier to read at a distance, and heck, just looks better. All very carefully calculated from decades of experience.

And an ultra closeup, the actual size it's printed on the billboards. (Slightly gray to match the off white reflective material, it would lose the effect with white.)

Ultra Closeup of Cocoa Beach Hotel Sign


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