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2010 Palm Bay Designs

Palm Bay Alternative





2010 I-95
Pre-emptible Boards
Space Coast Office of Tourism


"Space" Coast Option
A very pretty picture of the earth, how can you not look, and an astronaut getting your attention by waving, white text and astronaut against black, maximum contrast, and a reason for it to be black. Oh my...
For a larger image, click here

Space Coast-KSC



Odd Sized Designs on the Florida Turnpike
A lot of boards on the SSP with a lot of repetition, so some variety. That second dinosaur one is the largest board on the Turnpike, and those huge jaws and eye? Everyone will look, what else do they have to look at on the turnpike...

Florida's Space Coast

Florida's Space Coast

Odd Sized Designs on I-95, Jacksonville, North Carolina (& 1 duplicated on Beachline)
Usually these days wide and thin, like HDTV's is elegant, classy somehow. But not necessarily on billboards. The star of the show is the massive double billboard in Jacksonville with the incredible read and massive traffic. Plus that sunset surfer image is perfect...dreamland. (Not to mention the massive domain name that results with that design. Gonna' be a bump in the Jacksonville unique visitors.) The square pier one, going into Jacksonville from I-10 works nice too. The subtle red subliminal highlighting of the "-" in "" hopefully helping them notice it, is revealed when printed that big too.

Florida's Space Coast



First Designs
Nice manatee. She looks happy, I'd be wishing I had a bigger boat. But ya' gotta' look. And of course, that woman on the balcony, enjoying her nice hotel room on Florida's Space Coast is perfect. Dream of it, you could be here...

Florida's Space Coast



First Designs (10x40) Version




Second Designs 14x48 Shape
Another good job by the photographer, the blurred observer in the foreground and the focused birds in the background. It works. Lots of birds... And the cruise ship is as good as it gets too...

Florida's Space Coast




Second Designs (10x40) Version

Florida's Space Coast


Third Designs 14x48 Shape
Ok, so I took the photo of the CBSC building, so I want it in everywhere. Not that it's any great shakes, but that I was standing on and operating this mobile sissor-lift thing that was far too tall for it's width and I view it as a badge of courage.

Florida's Space Coast




Third Designs (10x40) Version

Florida's Space Coast


Fourth Designs

Florida's Space Coast




Fourth Designs (10x40) Version

Forida's Space Coast

Electronic Sign Option
This is the actual number of pixels, the actual resolution, the actual file that would be sent to the electronic sign. In this case, experimental glowing art for the glowing sign to see if it will stop traffic. See Christopher Channell's Home Page.

..................Electronic Design


Mardi Gras Board (Sarah Gottesfeld's beautiful event design modified for a billboard)
Space Coast


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