Captain Bill "Buccaneer" Babington
Nautical Art

Bucanneer Bill Braces for the Hurricane

A Photo from many decades ago.
(Bill is the one on the right with the personality...)

Buccaneer Bill is who those old Jimmy Buffet songs are about. There's not an island (or shall we say less then reputable bar) in the Caribbean he hasn't visited. They should write a book...or then again, perhaps they shouldn't...

The Northern Lights and the Satellites tell us where we are.

Bill has retired from the sea to where the satellites come from. The natural beauty and casual living of the Port Canaveral/ Cocoa Beach Area. There he pursues his two great loves, art and the sea, with the soft distant roar of the Atlantic Ocean wafting in through the window.


The Great Ships Series

Havana Harbor CrowdAll the old ship photos, in all the libraries and in everyone's attic, are crumbling to dust. Even if we archive them in electronic form, they are already faded. The words we have about them don't change that. And the memories of those that remember the sea, before the era of supertankers, are fading too...

Bill began his computer art with a Radio Shack TRS-80 the first publicly sold computer. When Macintoshes were invented, he switched over and never looked back.

The Great Ships Series draws on Bill's archive of Great Ship photos, his decades of computer art, and his (hopefully not too fading) memories of the sea. As is obvious, a labor of love.

We present for your viewing pleasure...

Steam in Havana Harbor
Great Ships Series #3


Land Ho! Bill Spots Margaritaville

Buccaneer Bill sets the jib.
Careful there sailor, put down that
Margarita and back away slowly.

Great Ships Series #3, Limited Edition Print
A prized and collectable item for anyone that loves the sea.

Limited to only 200 prints, numbered and signed by the artist
(Includes print of original photo & Certificate of Authenticity)

36" x 24"
Archival Ink

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Captain Bill Babington
1531 S. Orlando Ave
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

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